Honda Demonstrates New Futuristic Safety Systems for Acura TL

Honda Demonstrates New Futuristic Safety Systems for Acura TL

Honda's new safety system was unveiled last week through an Acura TL. In connecting the vehicle with moving pedestrian or motorist's cell phone, both parties can be simultaneously warned to move to safety through visual and auditory alerts.

The V2P or V2M system will utilize a technology deemed Dedicated Short-Range Communications, a wireless communications system developed solely for automotive use by the FCC. Much to the audience's awe, the demonstration was effective - and showcased Honda's ability to develop systems that work alongside our tendency to multitask on the road as both driver and pedestrian, which will only continue to progress and permeate the way we live, work, and drive in the future.

Notes Jim Keller, chief engineer for Honda's stateside Research and Development division: "While these are still experimental technologies, they provide a strong indication of the future potential for the kinds of advanced collision sensing and predictive technologies Honda is developing to further reduce the potential for serious accidents, injuries and even fatalities." Congratulations to Honda's engineers for their hard work!

Date Posted: September 10, 2013

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