Acura of Langley

20257 Langley Bypass
Directions Langley, BC V3A 6K9

  • Local : (604) 539-2111
  • Sales: 1 (888) 483-1819
  • Service: 1 (888) 690-0290

Used Car Guarantee

Why purchase a pre-owned vehicle from the Dilawri Group of Companies?
Experience Worry Free Ownership!

90 Day Protection

Cylinder Block, Cylinder Head, Intake Manifold, Exhaust Manifold, Timing Gears, Timing Chain/Belt (except required Maintenance interval replacements), Timing Chain Tensioners, Timing Belt Tensioner, Flywheel, Serpentine Belt Tensioner, Oil Pump/Oil Pump Housing, Water pump, Harmonic Balancer ,OHC Carriers, Valves and Valve Covers, Engine Mounts, Diesel Fuel Injection Pump, Diesel Vacuum Pump

Housing and all internal parts, Blow out Valves, Intercooler

Transmission Case and all Internal Parts, Input Shaft, Master Clutch Cylinder, Torque Converter, Vacuum Modulator, Transmission Mounts

Drive Axle
Final Drive Housing, Drive Axle Case and All Internally Lubricated parts, Differential Cover, Axle Shaft, Drive Shaft, Drive Shaft Universal Joint, Hub Assembly(excludes antilock brake system), Tapered Wheel Bearings, Locking Hubs, Constant Velocity Joints, Four Wheel Drive Actuator-CV Boots

What's not covered:
Check engine lights when not related to any of the 90 Day Protection, Throttle Body, Batteries, Battery Cables, Zippers, Windshield Wiper Arms, Headlamp, Tail lamp and Projection Lamp Assemblies, Circuit Breakers, Cup Holders, Ashtrays, Dash Pads, Seat Frames, Convertible Tops, Inside/Outside Door Handles/Hinges, Shock Absorbers, Macpherson Strut Assembly (including upper mount and bearings), Pipes/Hoses/Lines/Rubber Brake Hoses (except power steering pressure hose, steel air conditioning lines and steel brake lines), Bolts, Nuts, Fasteners, Standard Transmission Clutch Assembly, Manual Clutch Disc/Pressure Plate and Bushings/Bearings, Manual and Hydraulic Linkages, Secondary Ignition Components, Safety Restraint Systems (including Air Bags and Air Bag Igniters), Glass (including mirror assemblies and heated windshields), Lenses, Sealed Beams, light Bulbs, Fuses, Cellular Phones, Night Vision, Brake Rotors and Drums, Exhaust and Emission Systems, Catalytic Converter, Weather Strips, Run Channels, Trim, Mouldings, Bright Metal, Chrome, Upholstery and Carpet, Paint, Outside Ornamentation, Bumpers, Body Sheet Metal and Panels, Frame and Structural Body Parts, Tires, Wheels/Rims, Wind Noise, Squeaks/Rattles or Water Leaks.

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